AWS Cost Optimization: Best Practices to Lower Your Cloud Bill

"AWS Cost Optimization: Best Practices to Lower Your Cloud Bill"

Enterprises rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver agility, operational flexibility, and faster innovation. However, managing cloud costs and operations is significantly different from managing on-premises data center costs. It can be difficult for IT organizations to achieve the visibility they need to not only optimize cloud costs and resources, but to align cloud spend with business initiatives.

To address these challenges, many organizations are adopting cloud financial management (CFM). The CFM approach is essential for organizations seeking to improve their cloud operations and reduce wasted spending, especially as those operations increase in scale.

The AWS Well-Architected Framework recommends best practices for ensuring that the infrastructure you deploy is architected in a secure, reliable, and efficient way, and optimized for performance and cost. This paper outlines how to align with the Cost Optimization Pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, best practices to establish a cloud financial management practice to reduce AWS costs, and guidance on how AWS customers use a cloud financial management solution like CloudHealth by VMware to execute that practice. 

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